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Wooden Essential Oil Multi-Tray Organizer - Holds 59 Oils

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  • Custom-made, Sturdy Box - holds and protects 59 Essential Oil bottles - 45 5-15ml essential oil bottles and 14 10ml rollon bottles. Perfect for storing oils from doTERRA, Young Living, Plant Therapy, and most other popular brands.
  • Lightweight & Compact Box - to easily store your oils. Whether you take it on the go or keep it at home to display your essential oils, this high quality pine wood box with beveled edge will keep your oils secure while also providing a professional, elegant look.
  • Protects Your Oils - from spills, breakage, and damaging sunlight.
  • Great for Travel & Presentations - This beautiful display case is perfect for organizing your essential oils so that you can easily identify your essential oils, making it great for presentations and for easy accessibility.
  • Perfect Gift - This multi-tray wooden essential oil box is the perfect gift for beginners and long-time users. Includes 288 sticker labels, bottle opener tool, and pipettes (droppers)

This wooden box is the perfect place to store your essential oils! 

This beautiful, custom wooden box is perfect for storing your medium sized essential oils. Pine wood is sturdy and safe for glass bottles. This container holds 59 bottles (including up to 14 rollon bottles) safely and securely with latching lid for ensured protection.Say goodbye to an unorganized mess of clutter with your essential oil collection. This case offers storage, organization, and protection for your delicate, medium sized glass bottles.Sorting through oils should not be stressful and you shouldnt have to worry about knocking over and breaking bottles when dealing with a mess. End the disorder with this appealing pine box. 

This box is simple and elegant, making it perfect for keeping on display in any room of your home, including your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. It is also sturdy and compact if you prefer to have it stored out of view. This divided container makes safe storage efficient and compact. The blank pine box also offers the possibility to customize the box to make it your own or as a gift for that special someone. You can decorate it to your liking for aesthetic purposes or you have the option to label it for even more ease of use. This makes the perfect gift for any essential oil enthusiast or distributor! 


  • 1 Wooden Box
  • 1 Set of 288 Sticker Labels
  • 1 Bottle Opener Tool
  • 10 Plastic Pipettes (Droppers)

Give Your Essential Oil Library the Storage and Display Solution it Deserves!

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