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Integrated Guide to Essential Oils & Aromatherapy

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This is the last essential oil book you'll ever need!

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced essential oil user, this universal guide to essential oils is the perfect book to understanding how to get the most use out of your oils - no matter what brand you prefer.

Learn everything you want to know about essential oils, from the history of them, how to use them, which oils blend well together, and what to look for in a quality essential oil.

Included In This Book
Eight basic recipes for blends, as well as guidelines on how to create your own customized blends.
Very detailed step by step instructions on how to treat different ailments with essential oils.
Detailed description and uses of 52 commonly used essential oils.
How to incorporate essential oils into everyday use for healthy living.
History of essential oils
The benefits of reflexology and spinal therapy with essential oils and how to perform them
Why quality matters and why true clinical grade essential oils give you the best results
How to apply essential oils for best results - whether they be diffused through the air, added to drinks and recipes, used for massages, taken in a capsule, or other methods
Much More!

3 Reasons To Use Essential Oils

Discover the powerful and natural uses of essential oils provided throughout this book!