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DoTERRA Wooden Essential Oil Box W/ Labels

  • 1993
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  • CUSTOM-MADE doTERRA BOX holds 25 5-15 ml essential oil bottles. This box is made from high quality pine wood with a beveled edging to give it an elegant look. Perfect for storing oils from doTERRA, Young Living, Plant Therapy, and most other popular brands.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT BOX to easily transport your oils wherever you go. Whether you take it on the go or keep it at home to display your essential oils, this box will keep your oils secure while also providing a professional look.
  • EVERY DOTERRA ESSENTIAL OIL LID STICKER INCLUDED - This set of 3 sheets totaling 288 cap stickers includes 47 different essential oils and 26 specialty essential oil blends, which is at least 2 stickers for most oils available.
  • OIL & WATER RESISTANT STICKERS - These glossy essential oil lid stickers are 1/2" in diameter and have a special laminate to ensure that the oils or water won't smear the ink or loosen the adhesive. The adhesive is a permanent adhesive to keep the stickers tightly in place.
  • GREAT FOR PRESENTATIONS - This beautiful display case and complete set of premium, pre-printed, color-coded labels is perfect for organizing your essential oils so that you can easily identify your essential oils from the bottle or vial lid, making it great for presentations and for easy accessibility

This doTERRA wooden box is the perfect place to store your essential oils

This box looks good just about anywhere, including on a dresser, in the kitchen, on the bathroom sink, and numerous other places. It also works great as a display case for presentations. If you need to take it with you, this elegant box will hold your oils snug and safe while you travel.

This wooden box is custom-made to hold 25 (5-15ml) essential oil bottles, is lightweight and compact, and is great for protecting your essential oils from damaging sunlight.

Find your DoTERRA oils easily with a full set of label stickers!

This box comes with a complete set of premium, pre-printed doTERRA labels that are color-coded to match labels for all available oils and blends. It includes multiple labels for the most popular oils. The glossy labels have a special over-laminate to ensure that oils won't smear the ink or loosen the adhesive. Apply labels to the tops of caps or the sides of bottles; permanent adhesive keeps them tightly in place! Perfect for keeping your oils organized and accessible!

Included in this listing

- One high quality doTERRA wooden essential oil box that holds 25 5-15ml essential oil bottles
- 288 doTERRA essential oil stickers including 47 different essential oils and 26 specialty essential oil blends, which is at least 2 stickers for most oils available.
- 25 pipettes making the transfer of essential oils easy, non-messy, and efficient.
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