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Aroma Designs Personal Health Care Kit (Purple)

  • 1995
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  • NATURAL FIRST AID KIT - This keychain kit includes 8 filled 5/8" dram vials with 100% pure Frankincense, Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Oregano, Protect Blend, and Soothing Blend, making it the perfect kit for on the go.
  • 100% PURE THERAPEUTIC GRADE - Compare these oils to doTERRA, Young Living, or other popular essential oils. GC/MS Certified Tested. Gas Chromatography & Certificate of analysis shows that these oils have no pesticides, herbicides, additives. Each 2ml vial hold appox 40-50 drops.
  • FREE ADDITIONAL ITEMS - This kit also includes a 15ml bottle of Fractionated Coconut Oil, a Quick Reference Card, pipettes for easy transfer of oils, and an essential oil orifice reducer tool to easily open the vials.
  • CONSTANT COMPANION - This small essential oil carrying case fits easily in a purse or work bag, making it the perfect travel kit to take with you everywhere you go - whether you fly, bus, drive, or walk - and ensure you get the best use out of your oils. It also clips on to a backpack or other bag. At home or on-the-go, keep your essential oils close at all times!
  • SAVE MONEY - Making this kit with these oils would cost over $60 and hours of time. Let us save you money and time! Also includes 15ml bottle of Fractionated Coconut Oil & a Quick Reference Card.

The Only Essential Oils Travel Kit You'll Ever Need!!!

Essential oils can have a healing effect mentally, physically, and emotionally. There are so many benefits, and yet many people who use them don't have them around when they need them the most. This key chain and 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils set gives you the freedom to take your essential oils with you wherever you go.


-Frankincense: Promotes cellular & immune health. Promotes healthy inflammatory response. Rejuvenates skin.
-Lemon: Purifies the air & surfaces, naturally cleanses body and aids digestion, supports healthy respiratory function, promotes a positive mood and cognitive ability
-Lavender: Calming and relaxing; soothes skin irritations, eases muscle tension
-Peppermint: Promotes healthy respiratory funaction & clear breathing; alleviates stomach upset; Promotes oral health
-Melaleuca: Renowned for it's helps skin problems, healthy immune function, protects against seasonal threats
-Oregano: Supports healthy immune function
-Protect Blend (Like OnGuard): Supports healthy immune function, protects against environmental threats, cleanses surfaces, purifies the skin while promoting healthy circulation
-Soothing Blend (Like Deep Blue): Soothes sore muscles and achy joints, Supports healthy circulation
*The names doTERRA, Deep Blue and OnGuard are owned by doTERRA and have no relation to Aroma Designs.

Items Included In This Listing:

- Key chain pouch which is a zipper bag that has eight elastic straps to hold the vials
- Eight Filled 5/8 dram vials (2 ml)
- One 15ml Coconut Oil Bottle
- One Reference Card
- One Top Popper Tool