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Wooden Storage Boxes

Our custom wooden boxes are uniquely designed to store and organize your essential oil collection - both large and small. Our boxes are constructed from pine wood which allows for sturdy, safe storage and transportation of large oil collections.

This box is comprised of a simple yet elegant design allowing you to display it in your kitchen, bathroom, or even your bedroom. However, if you decide you want to store it out of view, it's robust and compact model allow for it to be placed in a drawer or cabinet. We have intentionally left our pine boxes "blank" allowing you to customize it to your own satisfaction or design a personalized gift for a loved one. Decorate it, label it, and make it yours. Our wooden boxes are a necessity for any and all essential oil aficionados! 

In addition to keeping your bottles protected, you will be able to quickly sort and organize your oil collection. No more digging through drawers or cabinets. No more accidental spills or breaks. No more stress or mess. Simply label and arrange your oils and you are all set!